Corporate Website Development

Whether your company needs an Intranet, your customers need a portal or your team needs a site for project, the solution lies in launching your own corporate website with us at Pushpa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Some of the salient features with which our designers work are:

  • Search engines are used to create Intranet which results in better communication among employees.
  • Control the number of people who have access to the data of the site for safety measures.
  • Include important gadgets like embedded maps, calendars, spreadsheets, presentations, videos etc for better functionality of the team members.
  • The option of external visitors accessing the company site can be done by the admin on special requests.
  • It helps to bring together all the important contents in one place for the benefit of all the employees of the company.
  • Though theme for corporate websites can vary from banking, advertising, insurance, marketing etc still they are wisely structured and are made easy to navigate.
  • These theme and templates are well crafted using different CMS including Wordpress, Joolma, Bootstrap, Drupal, Prestashop, Opencart, Responsive Muse, Magento etc.


Benefits of our corporate website solutions in Delhi/NCR are:

  • For better company output social Intranet can be made interesting and interactive with activity feeds like comment, follow, like etc.
  • Designing intranet for best service partners can be easily done by Intranet dashboard on one stop shop.
  • The employees or customers remain focused on the project or target.
  • It helps in constantly building the knowledge among its users.
  • It helps to gain trust and increases work efficiency.
  • It gives a flexible environment to work with different ideas.


Our methodologies are well tested before we deliver you a successful and functional Corporate Website. Come and design your dream project with us at our corporate website designing company in Delhi.

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