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Domain name is a part of Domain Name System (DNS) with which the identity of a website is separated from the others on the World Wide Web. In order to establish identity on the World Wide Web, you generally choose a Name that represents either your business, or your family name, or anything else, which acts as your Calling Card on the web.

Every domain name represents a set of numbers called an IP address. For example, your IP address is So, you could type that number into your web browser's address bar, or simply type your domain name. Either entry will take you to your website.

Universal Resource Locator is the Address of a Document or File (resource) on the internet. The first part of the URL describes the protocol to be used and the second part specifies the domain name followed by the name of File/Resource to be referred.

Web Hosting is a service that allows website owners to make their website accessible on the Internet. In its Web Hosting Service, Pushpa Technologies allocates an agreed amount of space on its web servers for client's website. We can offer 10MB to 10GB web space, depending on how bulky your website is. Pushpa Technologies also offers dedicated servers for web hosting service, as per the specific needs of its clients.

Diskspace, also known as storing size, is the size on web server's hard disk occupied by your website. Your web hosting company provides you an agreed amount of diskspace on its web server for storing your web pages/data. Bandwidth or Transfer is the rate of transfer of your web data that your web host's server allows to send in a month. Such transfers are generally computed in gigabytes - billions of bytes.

Website usability is directly associated with the user experience. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, he browses through it to serve the purpose of his visit. The ease with which he browses across your website, leading to the destination he had in mind, is termed as user-friendliness. Pushpa Technologies Private Limited is known for its proficiency in making user-friendly websites that ensure the comfort of your visitors.

Web page is referred to as static when it comprises of features for one-way interaction with the users. The data appearing on such pages remains same for every user i.e. its look, feel and design does not get changed as per user's input. On the contrary, web page is referred to as dynamic when its features allow a two-way communication with the users. In other words, dynamic designs are exclusively made to facilitate interaction, as per user's input.

Yes, our technical support center is open 24 hours 7 days a week to provide our customers service, around the clock. You can receive Live Chat, Phone, and Help desk service from our 24 / 7 available customer support team for immediate problem resolution.

Your account will be setup immediately after sign-up. You will receive an account information email within 24 hours after signing-up. Should you not receive an initial email from us immediately after you sign up you need to contact us.

Yes, we have a professionally staffed design team that is ready to create your site from scratch, or make any changes to your existing site. Our design and maintenance packages were created with our most common requests in mind, but custom designs are what we specialize in. You can see our packages, see a portfolio of our happy clients, or request a free consultation with one of our design coordinators by visiting this link:


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