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Business requires a strong presence in the public to succeed in their endeavours. Before, there was a physical presence with marketing techniques which helped the enterprises to gain popularity. However, as the significance of internet and online business emerged as a potential means to gain success in business endeavours, there commenced an era of web presence and web promotion businesses. Needless to say, it has become an ultimate necessity and many business enterprises started creating websites for them. Having a website with detailed information of the company or organization is a common practice now. Having said this, it has also important to create a website which gives a good impression of a company. Due to this reason, web development has taken seriously these days.

For developing a website we have many programming languages and PHP is one of them. However, PHP stand ahead because it is the most adaptable language for web development. It has many advantageous features as a web development language. First of all, it is an open source technology which makes it most popular. Also it can be used easily with other technological platforms like UNIX, Linux, and windows. PHP is a dynamic language which makes it smart enough to display technical advancement in web development technology. It requires less utility of system resources. The CMS management with the help of PHP is incredible as one can keep the whole content on the website in a database and can be retired by developers as needed. PHP allows easy access to coding libraries.

Now, when it comes to the creating a website, it requires a lot of professionalism. We want it for creating a greater impression on our business. Here the importance of a professional PHP development company comes. There are many reasons behind why you require a company to undertake your project. A standard and successful website has many unique features like excellent content management system, safety and security features, online forms, online calendar, payment solutions and many other features.

You should go for a company which is in this line of business for some time, in short, a company with experienced PHP developers. You may required to have done a thorough analysis on company profile including their market reputation, man power quality, clientele etc. It is wise to refer the sites that have been developed by the company. When you try to hire the PHP development service from this company, it is app for you to interview the developers who are going to involve with your project.

Also when you strike a deal with a company to create a PHP based website for any purpose, it is important for you to ask for a plan of action. You should get the blue print of your project and should be tracking the progress of your work routinely. If you follow these instructions strictly, you certainly can find a good end result as only a professional PHP development company and PHP developer can guide you with the technicality of the website you intended to build up for the promotion of your website.

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Market participants welcomed the news, confirmed by Yahoo today, that it has signed a global agreement with Google to display its ads on selected Yahoo properties and co-branded sites. The deal is non-exclusive, so Yahoo will also continue to display ads from competitors such as Microsoft's Bing.

"This is good for the community as a whole. Google Adwords is simply a superior platform," says Alex Fender, a Google-certified marketing consultant and president of internet marketing company Funnel Science. One of Google's main advantages over competitors is the sheer volume that comes through its site, he explains. "For every 100 visitors to Google, there is one visitor to Bing. That's not enough traffic to drive sales," he comments of the latter.

The deal calls for Yahoo to supply Google with some of its unsold inventory in exchange for Google showing small business ads on Yahoo sites. The ads use Google's Adsense program to deliver contextually relevant ads to individual websites; publishers get paid based on user clicks or impressions. On Yahoo mobile sites, the contextual ads will be delivered via Google's AdMob mobile app. "We work with a number of top publishers to help them monetize their content through AdSense for Content and AdMob. We're thrilled to now include Yahoo", says a spokeperson at Google.

Yahoo said the deal would enable it to expand its network, so that users of its sites would see ads that were more meaningful to them. "Say you've been shopping for boots. If you see an ad for boots, that's instantly going to pique your attention more than an ad for, say, a car battery. That's better for users," Yahoo noted in its statement.

Neil Krishnan, SEM analyst with Dana Communications, a Princeton, NJ based advertising agency, was also upbeat about the news. "This is great for our clients. In our view anything that expands the reach of the Adsense network is great from a buyer's perspective. Yahoo represents a huge network of sites. It's also good for publishers in Yahoo's network. Google's deep stable of advertisers should ensure that Yahoo sites serve ads that are contextually relevant, which will increase visitor engagement, clicks and revenue." Yahoo and Google were reportedly in talks for a more exclusive, formal arrangement with one another last year. But the deal never materialized after the company changed CEOs. While Marissa Mayer, a former Google executive, may well be open to such a deal, some have speculated that might lead to antitrust concerns. "Google already controls 85 percent of US search traffic, and essentially has no competition," says Fender. "That is a matter for concern."

This article was originally published on ClickZ.

If you've had problems integrating your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts together, you're in luck. Google is offering better support in order for advertisers and users of Google Analytics to link their accounts together.

While the change isn't immediate, the new linking process will be launched to all Google Analytics accounts in the coming weeks.

By logging into the admin area of Analytics, you can link your two accounts together. Alternatively, in the account area of your AdWords account just click and words linking in the account column, then click AdWords Linking in order to start their new linking wizard.

By linking the two accounts, users of both programs can have more integral data in order to determine marketing effectiveness and ROI when combining the data from both programs.

There has long been issues with advertisers linking up their analytics data, particularly if they're under two different Google accounts or if it is managed by client versus agency. Linking AdWords to Google Webmaster Tools remains unchanged.

Chris Morgan from the Google Analytics team is one of the Googlers working on this, and said it's a complicated process of linking the two accounts has now been reduced down to only three clicks.

The thing I've been working on for months is launching! If you haven't linked your AdWords accounts to your GA accounts because it's too many clicks, we cut it down to 3.
Since Google has not specified that this is U.S. only, it should be available to all customers, regardless of their country.

Google has now released a new post on Google Webmaster Blog regarding Backlinks and related issues. Google has answered some common questions of site owners regarding reconsideration request with some recommendations, which were discussed on Google Webmaster Forums. Here we have simplified those questions and answers for your convenience.

When to file a reconsideration request?
If any site violates Google quality guidelines or if it had violated in the past, then the site is subjected to google’s manual webspam action which in turn prevents the sites from showing up in search results. To get rid of this manual action, the site should make sure that it has cleared all the webspams and there is nothing on the site that violates the quality guidelines. Once all these are done, a site can immediately file a reconsideration request. For more on violations and quality guidelines visit google webmaster tools.

Can a reconsideration request be filed, if the site owner thinks that his site is affected by algorithmic change?
As per Google, reconsideration requests are only for those sites that were affected by manual Webspam actions. Even if the site is affected by an algorithmic change but still there were no notifications regarding the manual Webspam action then there is no need for the site to send a reconsideration request. But incase, if the site owner is not sure about the change happened is due to algorithmic change or webspam action, then he can file the reconsideration request.

How to access the quality of a site’s backlink?
In Google webmaster tools there is a section Link to your site. This page is helpful in showing the significant amount of the inbound links. Google recommends that, using these links, site owners can look at the patterns that point to general issues that are worth resolving. Spammy blog comments, autogenerated forum posts, text advertisements with backlinks that pass pagerank are all said to be unnatural links and these issues are related to anything that violates quality guidelines. For individual examples and advices by expert webmasters visit Google Webmaster Forum.

How to clean a bad Backlink profile?
Identify all the bad backlinks and then remove or nofollow it. Then using the Disavow Links tool, clear all the remaining unnatural backlinks. Google recommends the usage of domain-wide operator for sites with complicated URL structure, spam sites, gibberish content sites and low quality sites (sites with contents of no editorial value). For more information read our article on mistakes to avoid while using disavow tool. Get our Website Audit Services here.

How much information do a site owner need to provide?
A detailed document with a reconsideration requests shows the clear effort of a webmaster in recovering the site and thus help Googlers identify the site and do better investigation. If the site includes a link with a shared document, make sure that it’s accessible to anyone with the link.

How long does it take to process reconsideration requests?
All reconsideration requests for sites that were afftected by manual Webspam action were handled and investigated by a Googler. Response will be offered in a timely manner, which is said to be normally within few days. But however, since the volume of reconsideration request can vary by time, Google does not guarantee the turnaround time.

What are the possible outcomes of a reconsideration request?
Once a reconsideration request is sent, the webmaster will receive an automated notification on confirmation in google webmaster tools. Soon after the request is processed, Google will send another notification to let the webmaster know the outcome of the request. The message will be mostly either informs the webmaster that the manual action has been revoked or says that the site still violates Google quality guidelines.

It is an undeniable fact that inbound marketing has played a major role in online businesses for the last few years. To be effective in this strategy, many website owners have realized the need to have properly-designed websites, coupled with effective landing pages. The design of the site must do two things: support lead generation campaigns and help in analyzing the traffic on the site. If the SEO landing pages are created properly, it will be quite easy converting those leads to sales.

What is SEO Landing Pages?
As its name suggests, a SEO landing page is the site page where the traffic lands. It may be a squeeze page, sales page or opt-in page. Whatever it may be, this is the very first page that a visitor will come to. From here, the visitor will be directed to all other pages of the site. The main purpose of creating a landing page is to attract both readers and search engine crawlers.

Advantage of SEO Landing Pages
Generally, lead generation campaigns and other marketing strategies help many businesses bring traffic to their websites. However, it is the SEO landing pages that will determine if the site will be able to convince these customers to stay and eventually purchase your products. Thus, your landing page must be something that will make the potential client want to browse the site.
SEO landing pages are important because they convince the prospective clients to take the necessary action. That action may be making a call, entering an e-mail address, registering for free trial services or going to other pages and making a purchase. In short, it is landing pages that can turn qualified leads into a sale. Without a proper SEO landing page, the entire online business empire can fall.

Tips in Creating SEO Landing Pages
SEO landing pages also play a major role in the success of your inbound marketing strategy. This page must be efficiently developed so you can track your business’ growth.

One way of making your SEO landing pages an effective online marketing tool is by offering some freebies when people sign up for your newsletter or promotional e-mails. Landing pages must also be professionally written – like a sales letter. It is not about the hard sale, it is about convincing customers to provide their information – and that can be just as important as making a sale.
Focus on how you can encourage them to download the free offer. Emphasize they need not pay anything to subscribe to the newsletter. Other than opt-in or squeeze page links and some terms and disclaimers, ensure there are no links on this page.

Understanding the Effectiveness of SEO Landing Pages
SEO landing pages have numerous benefits if done properly. Thus, it is very important that you are able to understand how effective your landing page is so that you can make some adjustments, if necessary. There are two main ways of landing optimization: multivariate testing and split testing.

Multivariate testing is simultaneous testing of different versions of the same element on the web page. This testing optimization is fast and will provide you with optimum landing page in just few days. This test is ideal for large websites.

Split testing is another feasible method of testing optimization for landing pages. In this method, the site owner needs to have two slightly different pages – your original page versus a redesigned page, for instance – tested at the same time. After testing, you will be able to identify which page works best. This may ideal for those with small traffic websites.

Search Engine Optimizations and Landing Pages
Testing how effective your landing pages are to web searchers is also important. Use long tail keywords so your site can jockey for top spots. Keywords must be included in header tags, the title and sprinkled throughout the body of your copy.

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